Ultra-Light Glider!

Over the past few years many pilots have asked GIN for an utra-light mountain glider : the YETI is now ready!
During the past few seasons Gin has been working towards developing lighter weight designs for all models in the GIN range. The R&D Team have helped with the development, with GIN Team pilots Will Gadd and Stefan Bocks involved in the preparation for last summer's big event : Red Bull X-Alps. With the experience gained and a strong nostalgic memory of the lightweight bags carried in the early days of paragliging, the R&D team developed a wing weighing less than 4 kg for their own private use and for a few GIN Team pilots climbing mountains

A Jeweler's Work

Refining and perfecting, concentrating on small details, searching for new materials. Developing new assembly techniques for the lines, panels, reinforcements and risers. Testing the strength of each material, each assembly. Making hundreds of flight tests and thousand of load tests, in brief a real work of art to obtain a 3.7kg (XS size) toy.
The Yeti is made by hand, with each unit assembled by one person, and requires many hours in manufacturing.

Light Material, High Technology

The Yeti is built using a totally new light fabric from PORCHER, with an environmentally friendly coating (9017 E68A). Lines are heat treated and pre-stretched from LIROS. Risers are constructed from dyneema webbing made by the famous sailing supplier BAINBRIDGE.
All other materials used in the construction; tapes, reinforcements and connectors etc. are chosen to achieve the highest performance to weight ratio possible.

From the Bolero Plus

The YETI is a very lightweight version of the Bolero Plus. Hence the safety and in flight bahaviour are like a DHV1 glider, with a bit more speed and more dynamic handling than the Bolero Plus.
In brief, a really enjoyable glider to fly : The Bolero Plus has already gained an excellent reputation one of the best gliders in its category.

An impressive inflation and take-off

The Bolero Plus has a very easy take-off : it does not overfly and puts the pilot in charge immediatly.
The Yeti retains these characteristics, but its ultra-light weight makes inflation even better ! To enable take off from steep slopes or snow, attachement points have been added to the top surface to fix the glider to the ground.

Objective : 5kg, ready to fly...

We are currently finishing the develoment of a new lightweight harness. Coming soon!
The YETI will be supplied with a lightweight rucsac.
Objective : 5 kg total equipment weight (wing, rucsac, harness and carabiners)

There are 2 options for the Yeti:


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