The PEAK by PILOTS RIGHT STUFF is the first paraglider in consequent lightweight construction with DHV-certification. 

The PEAK is a typical example for the philosophy of the brand PILOTS RIGHT STUFF. It was designed in co-operation by an international circle of specialists and free flight enthusiasts, who create very special products. Only the Best.

The PEAK has many special and innovative design features. The PEAK’s most reliable take off characteristics, low weight and volume, very nicely co-ordinated handling in combination with maximum safety and good performance are unmatched. 

The PEAK has received DHV level 1 certification also accelerated with a maximum speed of 46 km/h. 
DHV level 1 is the highest existing safety standard for paragliders.

We are convinced, that you as a paraglider pilot, who also enjoys to hike, will tell us:  

" The PEAK is exactly the paraglider, that I was looking for: maximum fun at minimum weight.“ 

The PEAK is also ideal for pilots, who like to ride on a motorbike to the flying site or to travel to far-away countries or simply love paragliding equipment with low volume and light weight.

The PEAK is available either in it‘s inner bag or as a complete lightweight paragliding set with a special lightweight functional rucksack and Sup’Airs new lightweight paragliding harness Radical with Safe-T-Bar system and special paragliding twistlock carabiners.

No more words needed. Go ask a PEAK pilot or testfly a PEAK yourself.





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