New Wing for Free Style

A new type of wing in our range : The Gangster, 12G Freestyle Glider.. and also DHV 2.

Free Spirit? Free Style!

...a glider for Freestyle

  • A dynamic turn, with a lot of energy, this glider has been designed for free spirits, flying Freestyle.
  • A special reinforced canopy and pre-stretched Dyneema lines, the Gangster has been DHV load tested beyond 12G (over 12 times the max. load in flight for the XS, S and M).
  • A bit of culture : Traditional Korean mask logo printed on the top of the canopy.

...a glider for Cross Country

  • An easy DHV2 glider to fly XC with a fun and safe feeling
  • XS, S and M are DHV Class2 certified.
  • A high trim speed and an easy to use accelerated speed

Gin Freestyle Team!

...The Gangster will be flown by the GIN Freestyle Team in international Acro competitions 2003:

  • Enleau and Ann O'Connor (USA)
  • Mathias Roten (CH)
  • Horacio Llorens (SPAIN)




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