Easy to Fly

Gin's principle design consideration was to give pilots discovering paragliding a glider which is easy to fly, comfortable and of course, extremely safe.

Craftmanship and Dedication...

Gin has dedicated one and a half years to developing this amazing new wing, and has flown hundreds of hours with prototypes until he was satisfied it was absolutely right, as he imagined it.


  • an easier take off with lighter inflation.
  • a flatter turn with a better sink rate.
  • more precision in turns and a more 'compact' feeling wing : more efficient in thermals.
  • canopy adjustment for a fine shape.
  • 3 main "A" lines
  • a new fabric finish E85A for the Porcher New Skytex fabric, which offers greater performance and durability, and also reduces fabric weight, improving launch, security and re-inflation.
  • water-based and environmentally friendly coating


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