Made by Many Professional Pilots...

All Gin Gliders' factory test pilots (Ogi, Mathias, Norman, Se Yong, Jimmy and Housi) invested a lot of time to create the "international tandem glider" that will delight all professional pilots.

Focus on Handling

GIN Factory Test Pilots wanted a wing with nice dynamic handling, good for fun and tricks, smooth and light, precise in the turn, thermal biting. A professional tandem, but a wing also made for pleasure.

Easy, Light and Simple to Fly

  • Light inflation, and easy take off in all conditions
  • Does not overfly and puts the pilot in charge immediately
  • Wide weight range, and easy to fly with a light or heavy load
  • Light brake pressure
  • Smooth and precise turn
  • Stable and efficient speed across the weight range
  • Easy to land in a small area with a heavy load : final trimming was made in the tight landing fields of Korea
  • Trim risers
  • Made with the best compromise between strength and weight: a mix of 9092 and 9017, both with the new Porcher coating (E85A) which gives a longer life to your glider.



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