We offer a range of different learn to fly options based on the New Zealand Hangliding Paragliding Association (NZHGPA) system. We can also tailor the courses to suit your needs and wants. The following is a brief description of what's on offer, if you have any questions feel free to drop us a line, just click the contact button.

Full equipment is provided for all courses. We recommend ankle supportive footwear and since most of the day is spent out in the sun suitable precautions should be taken such as plenty to drink, hat, sunscreen etc. Paragliding only requires a basic level of fitness and health, similar to what is required to drive a car.

If you would like to book one of these courses or have any questions you can contact us by either e-mail or phone

Using modern equipment our instructors will introduce you to the basics of Paragliding. Starting with small flights on a gentle slope, you will progress at your own pace to a higher take off where you can enjoy the thrills of flying under radio guidance.


After the intro course you are ready for some big air! The PG1 is a beginner course consisting of an intro course and six high flights. Flying from our 600m take off you will enjoy long flights with stunning views of Tasman Bay while learning the basics of glider control and landing approach. The PG1 is certified by the NZHGPA


Over the course of 40 high flights our experienced and up to date instructors will teach you everything you need to know to go from ground zero to cloud base! The PG2 includes full theoretical and practical knowledge to become a pilot and at the end of the course you will have attained the New Zealand Hang Gliding Paragliding Association (NZHGPA) PG2 license which can be used to fly anywhere on Earth.

At Adventure Paragliding & Kiteboarding we like to include more than just the minimum requirements. The main training site in Nelson allows us to teach more advanced skills such as thermalling and cross country techniques and whenever possible our instructors will try to maximise your air time. The PG2 includes full theoretical and practical knowledge.

Cost is dependent on a variety of factors: For instance if you commit to the course at the beginning we can reserve equipment just for you and offer a discount on the full PG2 cost. Also since most people who complete a full course also buy equipment we offer a large discount if you buy from us and do the training with us. We also offer a flexible rate for those that just want to do a selected number of flights. Please keep in mind that any part courses can be continued in another country.

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