The Nelson area is a great place to visit for any water based activities and kite boarding is no exception, just take a look at the map and you'll see how much coast and see breeze potential the area has!


There are a variety of accommodation options available in Nelson from camping to Hotels. We recommend the LATTITUDE NELSON web site to assist you in finding the accommodation that is right for you.

Visiting Kite boarders

The popularity of kite boarding has grown markedly in Nelson over the last few years with most kiteboarders choosing to ride at the local Tahunanui beach. This beach is also very popular with holiday makers and Nelson residents and can become quite full on any sunny day in the summer. Because of this we ask all visiting riders to observe some basic rules:

  • Area

    The Western end of the beach is the best place to avoid the crowds as well as take advantage of the cross shore winds and the local riders have adopted a policy of riding only here and not crossing the "front beach" unless they are several hundred meters upwind.

  • Setup

    The best places to set up area at the Western "back beach" car parks. There are three to choose which have enough sheltered room to setup.

  • Launching and landing

    As with all beaches this is best done out by the waters edge and sufficiently clear of any bystanders. It is possible to self land your kite back in the setup areas but you'll have to take your chances with the unpredictable rotors and bladder ripping branches! The rest is basic common sense.

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